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Is This Your Dream 2021 Fall Nail Colors

If 2021 fall nail colors is what has been occupying your mind, then read every word carefully because this is your best chance of getting the best after such a long search. I kid you not, you can send me a gift to thank me later. I am so excited about this!!

How are your nails holding up?! We are getting near summer, and as you probably already have seen, the fashion styles are bearing all! Nail fashion has also been getting skimpy with pointy shapes and shades of nude. No matter your personal style and whether you like to match your nails to you outfit or not, there are so many colors, shapes, and nail art designs to try on this summer!

Rule-of-thumb, summer shades are typically lighter and brighter, and fall/winter shades are typically darker. This doesn’t mean that you cant wear light colors in the winter and dark colors in the summer time, it’s just a general guide.

Let’s take a look at a few colors that are trending this Fall…

1- Nude

There are so many shades of nude! When going with this color, find a shade that enhances your natural skin tone. Nude shades are great because they go with every outfit! If you don’t want to use a nude by itself, you can pair it with any color!

2021 fall nail colors

Coral is a typical summer color and it pairs nicely with blues and whites. Every summer there seems to be new shades of coral being made, so when finding a coral for yourself, pick whichever one seems right for you! If you like how that shade looks on your nails, that’s all that matters.

3-Light Blue

The light blue I’m referring to here is a very pale light blue. This color looks great by itself and used with a glittery sand-colored polish to create a cool beach theme! here’s a picture I found on 

beach nails

Glow sticks for nails are “IN”! Pick-a-shade, any shade, or why not all of them?! This is  fun concept any time of year, but especially for summer since summer has association with raves, water parks, parties, and fun nights! Any color you choose is sure to make a statement 😉


Shine on ladies! Whatever 2021 fall nail  colors and designs you choose to rock, hold yourselves with confidence. Be creative and express yourselves through nail art. Use the colors, shapes, and designs that help you FEEL like the best woman you are. In helping all of you uncover the Goddess within, I in turn uncover mine I appreciate every one of you.

Best 2021 Fall Nail Colors and Polish

Many customers have asked me this one particular question, so much so, that this question now has a blog post dedicate to it! Everyone wants to know….”what is the best nail polish?!” I tell my customers, “Whatever 2021 fall nail colors polish works great for YOU  is the best”. Personally, when I think of the “best”, the first thing that comes to mind is the most expensive. So…FUN FACT! I did a little Googling to find out what the most expensive nail polish is and found that there’s a polish out there made of black diamonds that costs a quarter of $1,000,000!

Amazing Nail Polish Kit- $45 version


Is it Fleek? You bettcha! Practical? Nope! $250,000 can go towards more important things in life like creating a business, supporting a charity, or getting out of debt…just to name a few.

The “best” nail polish is subjective. What’s the best to one woman may not seem like the best for another. So I feel every woman would benefit from considering all the factors surrounding her decision.

Which brands do you like best?

2 questions to ask yourself before choosing a polish:

1- Does the cost of this polish fit in to my budget?

Is the supposed performance of this polish worth the exchange of moolah? If the budget you’ve created for yourself allows you to buy the 1/4 mil. black diamond polish, then go forth! If your budget is not this big, then consider perhaps doing some research on particular brands and how much they cost. Having a budget for your nail art hobby is a good place to start.

2- Is long-lasting polish important to me?

If you’re anything like me, long lasting polish doesn’t matter. I change my nail polish 1-3 times a day because my line of work allows for such fun! There are some other women out there who too like to change their polish daily, so cheaper polish brands would be fine for us ladies.

Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean less quality, there are some pretty pricy polishes (say that 5x fast) out there that have a reputation of not living up to its claims. The easiest way to find out what polish will work best for you is to read reviews and try them out for yourself!

If long-lasting polish is important to you and you can’t do your nails as often as you’d like,  then consider some of these brands to help your DIY nails last as long as possible! OPI, Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild Mega-last, Loreal Colour Riche, Revlon.

If you want your polish to last as long as possible, there is some maintenance involved. Apply top coat to your nails every few days to keep your mani/pedi shiny and new! Doing so will also add some strength to you nails to help avoid chipping of polish and nail breakage.

Nail Stamping

If you are designing your nails with nail stamps, the best polish to use for it is a highly pigmented, quick-dry polish. The dense, rich color will ensure that you have a clear visible image. I recommend using the MoYou brand nail stamping polish! MoYou polish is also great as a base color, it takes only a few minutes to dry, then your nails are ready for stamping in a contrast color! And remember,  seal your work-of-art with a top coat to help them last as long as possible.


Stay tuned for the next post where we will be discussing the practice of art as therapy! Next time, you’ll have the opportunity to feel like a little kid again! We will create a space where you can accomplish any goal, talk to anyone, and heal yourself (and others)! In this space we will see the magic of imagination turn itself into reality.

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