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French Nails and Spa Procedures You Will Wish You Knew Before Now.

Here is a smart , fast , and easy to apply French nails and spa kit from the Brevityshop.


Unlike more complex nail manicure kits that require 4 or more coats of polish (including a rubberized pre-treatment base coat and clear top coat). This kit relies only on the most basics of french manicure nails and is therefore really easy to use and really fast to apply.

When you need to apply 4 coats of nail polish and wait for them to dry completely, you waste a lot of time waiting and it gets boring and becomes a chore… waiting 40 minutes (4 coats, 5 minutes per coat, 2 hands) just for your nails to dry really puts a hamper on doing your nails at home.

The Brevityshop French Nails and Spa kit can be applied in two fast steps:

1- First, on a clean healthy nail, apply the opaque Milky White Base Coat. Do only the tips of your nails with this base coat and wait for them to dry. If you like use some nail guides to help you get that perfect crescent shape.

2- Once the white tips are dry (about 5 minutes later), apply your choice of softened semi-see through pink top coat on the entire nail (including the white tips).
The pink top coat will give the base of your nails a nice pink color. It will also give the nail overall more depth and better reflection.

The pink will also soften the sharp and stark whiteness of your tips and the base coat. This will make the base coat look more ‘off-white’ giving it a more natural look, albeit with a pink tinge.

So in a quick 15 minutes, you now have a nice do it yourself French Manicured Nails. This also apply to the red French tip and toe French tip

What’s even cooler here is that the kit comes with a wide range of pink top coats which allows you to choose from a variety of looks from softer looks (for work and school) to more eye-catching looks for evenings and events. This is also a great kit if you have friends asking you about your nails or for your kids’ slumber parties since the wide range of colors makes it easier for them to match the top coat to their skin color for a more natural look.

The Halloween French manicure is also very common during the season and very common to have these designs. The same applies during the Christmas season when Christmas nails French tip
are used to do the Christmas French manicure and all ladies want to look pretty and classy

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Deep French Tip

One of the hardest aspects of a professional looking French manicure (done at home) is getting the brush stroke just right when adding the white nail polish coat to the tip of your nails.

Getting the perfect cresent shape out of a flat nail brush is very difficult because as you press on the brush, the brush tends to spread out giving you less control over the painted area. At the same time, if you have shorter nails, it becomes extremely difficult to perform long strokes with the brush and gradually get closer to the base to form your white cresent tips.

With short nails you simply don’t have the room to use longer strokes to paint the nail correctly and your manicure ends up looking like a mess, which is not what we want at all.

Nail Guides are very effective and important nails products for the French manicure. The guides are used after the skin-colored base coat is appled and already dried. Once the base coat has fully dried, we can stick on our low-stick crecent shaped nail guides on top of the fresh base coat.

The guide then gives us both a sharp crisp line that seperates the area covered by the guide, from the tip of the nail that is still to be coated.

At the same time, the guide protects the nail base from accidentally being painted white with a missed stroke (which then might need to be cleaned up with acetone possibly forcing us to repaint the nail and start all over again.

The guides are both cheap and very easy to use. You stick them on, paint the tip of your nails white without worrying or squinting, and then you wait around idly for the white coat to dry.

Once the white tips of your nails have completely dried, you can now gently peel off the nail guides leaving a crisp and professional looking and that sought after french manicure nails look. What’s left then is a non discriminate once over the entire nail with a protective clear, shiny, or glitted nail polish to seal the deal and add some luster.

Your finish results should look like the picture on the right (notice how every nail has the exact same cresent shaped white tip, which is an obvious sign of using nail guides and gives a very professional ” Just came back from the Salon or the Spa ” look).

french nails and spa

Burgundy French Tip Nails

If you want to make your nails stand out, then you should try burgundy French tip nails. These nails are very popular, and for good reason. They are very beautiful and stylish. Anyone who wears them will like them. They come in many different designs. You can even add a design to your nails if you want to. They look just as good as the basic ones. You can choose the color of your nails. Whether you want them to be red or something else, you can get them that way. You can even have sparkles if you want to. These nails are a great
burgundy French Tip Nails
Burgundy nails are beautiful, so if you're looking for a new color to try, burgundy is a perfect choice. You can wear this color all year long, especially if you pair it with a nice neutral color on your lips. Burgundy nails are a great way to brighten up your nails and your nails will look great with any outfit! If you're looking for some French nail to try out, we recommend the one here 

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