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Is This Your Dream Nails Kit

All girls love to have nails manicure. It’s just something in our genetic make up that draws us to make ourselves more beautiful each and every passing day. And for every girl, a nails kit is the essential tool for taking care of your own nails.

Choosing what belongs to your nails kit can be both fun and confusing. Just walking over and checking your beauty store’s section on nail care can overwhelm you with hundreds of different products and brands. So I thought I’d share with you what I believe are the necessities every nails kit should have.

Nail Clippers and Nail Tweezers

The basic and most fundamental of all nails kit and nail care tools. Get one that will last a long time, is easy to use and is rust-proof. Use carefully to cut your overgrown nails and to cut your nails down to size before nail filing and nail buffing. Usually comes with a built-in nail file, which I don’t suggest using. Nail tweezers are also a great addition to your nails kit as it makes the process of nails manicure so much simpler and easier.

Glass Nail Files

Another essential for any nails kit, nail files make your just cut nails a little smoother prior to using the nail buffer. As mentioned above, most nail cutters come with a built-in nail file. This built-in nail file is great for men but definitely not for women. Get a separate nail file stick that doesn’t wear out easily. Better yet, get the latest innovation for shaping both your natural nails and artificial nails with glass nail files. These are very gentle on the nails are hygienic and when maintained regularly looks and feels brand new after every use.

Nail Buffer

After using your nail files, your nails aren’t that smooth and buffed yet. Use your nail buffer from your nails kit to make your nails even smoother and have that attractive luster. Nail buffing not only makes your nails look even better, it also stimulates blood circulation at the base of the nail, which leads to healthy growth.

Cuticle Cream

There’s just nothing like soft cuticles. Cuticle cream, cuticle softener, cuticle oil or cuticle lotion are all used to essentially do the same thing. Make your cuticles soft enough so you can easily push them back the nail plate. Some basic cuticle cream or softeners you could use are almond oil, olive oil or even baby oil. Not really a must-have for your nails kit, but one i would prefer to not leave behind. It just makes nails manicure so much easier.

Base Coat

Most often dismissed and taken for granted, the base coat is an essential part of any nails manicure and nails kit. The base coat helps to protect your natural nails from all the chemicals of the nail polish and top coat. The base coat keeps your natural nails looking healthy and growing beautifully and keeps it from staining, especially when you use dark colored nail polish. It also helps to prevent your nails from splitting, peeling, breaking or becoming brittle.

The base coat also ensure that the nail polish adheres to your nails. It is a sort of primer for the nail polish. When looking for one, make sure to get one that contains Aloe Vera and vitamin E. These ingredients are known to fortify natural nails.

Nail Polish

nails kit
Having your favorite nail polish on hand in your nails kit is great when you have to re-touch or redo your whole nails manicure. With virtually infinite types of nail polish out there be sure to get one that is of good quality, is safe for your nails and will last long. It’s always great to have a selection of these on hand as you never know what mood or color you’ll want next.

Top Coat

After applying your nail polish, you want to make sure it will last for the longest time possible. That’s where the top coat comes in. The top coat is the last layer you brush on your nails manicure to protect your just manicured nails from chipping off and breaking. Especially when you use your hands for your work, washing the dishes, cooking or any other activities. The top coat also makes your nails manicure look even more polished for a longer time.

Nail Polish Remover / Non-acetone nail polish remover
When you want to change your nails manicure look or have it redone, nothing can clean and remove old nail polish like nail polish remover. Usually made from acetone, you can opt to buy one that is non-acetone as well. Both are great at removing old nail polish so this ensures your new application of nail polish will stick properly to your nails. Don’t ever get a nails kit without one.

Cotton Pads

Really, how can you ever have a nails kit without cotton pads. The easiest and most practical product ever created for nails manicure. You can use these cotton pads for dipping into nail polish remover and removing nail polish, you can use it to prime your nails, or for applying lotion or moisturizers, you can even use it for separating your toes during a pedicure. Better than using tissue paper, a must-have in your nails kit.

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