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Acrylic powders and liquids are widely used in acrylic nails, nail art, nail polish, nail extensions, nail tips, nail adhesives, etc. Just as with the first ever pigment, artists and crafters have found that the quality of acrylic powders and liquids available today allow them to produce an entire spectrum of colors. Acrylic powders in particular provide a brilliant array of colors that artists find hard to resist. As a result, they have become one of the most popular mediums in the art world.


Acrylic Powders and Liquids











Made from powder and liquid form, these acrylic powders and liquids are used either during acrylic nail art prior to application, or to recondition the artificial nails once they have been applied. Acrylic Powder is applied with a thin layer to help strengthen the nails and can be used as a primer to ensure application of the acrylic nail liquid. Acrylic Liquid is used to create extensions and can be applied either during nail art to make the nails look more appealing, or it can be applied during the manicure to extend the length of the artificial nails.

For your next nail art or acrylic project, trust Brevityshop Acrylic Powders and Liquids. Acrylic powders and liquids are the two most common additives used to create a strong resin when mixed with the right material, such as water-based polishes. If you are into nail art, acrylic powders are a great way to create designs, such as flowers, snowflakes and animals. Acrylic liquids come in a large assortment of colors and are used in a variety of nail art, from simple designs to complex, intricate images. Both Acrylic Powders and Liquids are water-based and safe for use with your favorite nail art products, including glitter and nail polish.

Acrylic Powders and Liquids

These acrylic liquid and powder pigments are strong, will not harden in your airbrush, and are compatible with other acrylic and water-based paints, varnishes, and making them perfect for creating an endless amount of colorful effects in your artwork. Acrylic Powders are very fine pigments for use with water-based paints, especially for model painting and craft applications. They are transparent, brilliant and consist of the finest pigments available. Liquids are the same as the powders, but in a liquid form, making them easy to use for quick and easy decorating. These acrylic paints and pigments are perfect for all art applications, from painting to sculpting. They are safe and non-toxic and can be used on other mediums such as glass, clay, plastic and much more!