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Nail Trainer Practice Hand Nail Art
Nail Trainer Practice Hand Nail Art
Nail Trainer Practice Hand Nail Art
Nail Trainer Practice Hand Nail Art
Nail Trainer Practice Hand Nail Art
Nail Trainer Practice Hand Nail Art

Nail Trainer Practice Hand

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The Nail Trainer Hand

Ever tried a new design on a client, only to watch the nail fail?

The nail trainer hand allows nail techs to try new designs on a hand that is immune to emotion. Allows nail techs to gain confidence in their skill, as well as grow as a professional

Adjustable Nail Art Fake Hand for Training and Display painting. This nail trainer hand will come in handy when you just need a practice hand to finalize your nail art designs. We have all been there, sometimes nail art design ideas pop up in your head like balloons and you can not wait to actualize them.

nail trainer practice hand

But hold up! What if it does not come out right?

Hmmm. If you have been known to do great nail art, your opinion can change with a simple mistake. 

Nail Trainer Kit- Practise Your Nail Designs

Practice, practice, practice!! Getting good with the nail design requires that you perfect different segments of nail designs. And on that, you need to get good at cleaning nails, filing, and so on.

nail trainer hand

Even human emotions and distraction will not allow the right concentration on the nail art designs you are creating. That is where the Nail Practice hand comes in handy. This tool is an absolute must for every nail tech to practice nail art designs! Available in right hand and left hand versions, the nail trainer hand features a realistically textured, lifelike surface that allows nail techs to practice nail art without emotional attachment that is common with human client.

With its lifelike design, the trainer hand allows techs to better feel the flow of the stroke, how the tools are being used, and how to perfect designs. The Nail trainer hand is suitable for installation of full nail wraps, tips, overlays, decals, gel polish, silk wraps, etc., using either artificial or real nails. nail hand trainer

It is a top-quality movable soft hand for nail art practice! Fingers are soft and can be bent. It can be used for nail art designing. Perfect for nail art beginners/salon artists use

High-quality movable soft hand for nail art practice.

It can be used for acrylic, gel, and wrap practice, and for nail art designing.
Easy to adjust the fingers' shape to suit your needs.
This  Model nail hand  trainer is made of sturdy and yet  soft, flexible plastic, and made  near to the real size

nail practice hand

Fingers are soft and can be bent.
False nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly, then you can design and paint nail art patterns on them.

This Nail Trainer Hand is extremely realistic and will fool anyone in the salon. Trim the nails, file the nails, paint the nails, use fake nails with it, and even put on fake jewelry. This hand has been used by professional nail stylists for years

Practice hand can be re-used.