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36W UV Nail Dryer - Brevityshop.com
36W UV Nail Dryer - Brevityshop.com
36W UV Nail Dryer - Brevityshop.com
36W UV Nail Dryer - Brevityshop.com

36W UV Nail Dryer

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Be absolutely sure your nail designs are super dry in seconds

It is annoying sitting through hours of nail art design and thinking everything is dry. Only to have the nail gel smearing your cloth and spoiling a beautiful dress, messing up the nail art design at same time.

Sometimes time is just of the essence and you want to get it right the first time

A smeared nail design wastes resources and wastes time. You have to sit through hours of redesign and you have  to waste more gels. That is not considering the special gels and powder that must have been used in the manicure.

And since nail design is a creative art, it may be difficult to get exactly the same  design the second time.

Here is the thing, you want to look gorgeous and beautiful after spending hours doing your nails. Then you need to ensure the nails are dry before washing,wearing your clothes and doing anything

The best way to ensure absolute certainty is to use the UV nail dryer and it takes seconds to dry up. In no time you are up and out. 

This nail dryer comes with USB port for charging with a power bank ensuring you can take it anywhere and recharge as you wish. 

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Other product specifications are as below

Item Type: Nail Dryer
Voltage: 100-240V
Size: 205*105*66mm
Weight: 260g
Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Type: LED Lamps
Power: 36W
Plugs Type: USB